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Fitted with landscaping installations you can’t wait to put to use, the backyard is a domain of your own. Understanding the significance of your outdoors, we, at Green Vista Dubai, create spaces that accentuate your lifestyles. Being one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai UAE, we have nearly a decade of reputation of providing proficient landscaping services. Working closely with you, each addition is carefully thought of, intricately designed, and unique to your landscape design. The Hardscape process creates durable structures that require minimal garden maintenance.


The perfect landscape design is a combination of hardscaping and softscaping. If you’re wondering what these words are, they’re exactly what they sound like. Hardscape refers to the ‘hard’ installations such as ornamental additions, patios, decks, and even the driveway. Its also called hard landscaping. These have several advantages:

  • One of the most obvious advantages of hardscaping is increasing the functionality of your outdoor space. With a patio or deck, you can easily increase the functional space you have outdoors, while a drive way makes it easier to park your car without creating unsightly tire marks. A good landscape design is the one that boosts functionality of your space. Along with adding beauty to your space, hard landscaping helps in managing your outdoor space.

  • Created out of materials such as concrete, brick, stone, etc., the various hardscaped additions require minimal maintenance. So enjoy that evening on your patio or a night under the stars while relaxing in your gazebo. Once the installation is in place, there is little you have to worry about!

  • Primarily made out of stone, concrete, metal and more, these landscaping installations are meant to last the test of time. Once you have it in place, all it takes is minimal garden maintenance to keep the spaces looking their finest.

  • Hardscaping landscape additions are a long-term commitment, so it’s essential that you be in love with your choice. That’s why we offer you a range of customizable and unique additions to choose from. Adapted to your preferences, each installation is meant to accentuate your lifestyle.

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GreenVista Dubai is among the leading landscaping companies in the UAE. We believe landscaping is an art of feel, and aim to create captivating idylls for our clients. Making it the safe haven you can’t wait to come home to, enjoy the comforts of the gazebo or a walk under a customized pergola. You can even add a vegetable patch for the gardening lovers. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, there are other options to pick from.

Each addition is accentuated with carefully designed garden lighting. Used to enhance the beauty of your backyard, enjoy the enchantment of nature with the comfort of home. Each unique garden landscape design is created to reflect your needs and preferences. So oversee your personal realm as you sit atop the patio. With advanced irrigation systems and an automatic sprinkler system, the spaces will flaunt a lush appeal all year round.

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