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Green Vista | Creative Landscaping & Swimming Pool Services, Dubai
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Green Vista | Pools & Landscaping

Green Vista presents, premium landscaping & landscape designing services in Dubai UAE. With our luxury swimming pools designing and building services, we help to build your dream destination just a door away from your house, in your own backyard. Our premium landscaping services has earned us a reputation to be one of the leading landscaping companies of Dubai UAE. Our expertise include comprehensive landscaping services such as Gazebos and Pergolas, softscaping and hardscaping, water features and trellis works and various other garden landscaping services.


Green Vista takes pride in providing proficient swimming pool designing and swimming pool building services in Dubai UAE. Our smart and innovative swimming pool designs are made for your friends and neighbors to envy. Amidst the desert, UAE has some of the world’s most beautiful cities such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Thus having a beautiful home with lush green well landscaped backyards in these cities is a must for the citizens who like to be in the trend.

Our Success Formula

Strategic Planning

Our aim is to build the best possible plan for your space. Our Engineers and technicians work tirelessly to ensure its quality implementation

Creative Design

Our minds are filled with creative ideas and designs to make your space most as elegant and asthetic as possible.

Consistent Monitoring

Significant amounts of efforts are taken by our entire team to ensure that every step of the design process are carried out smoothly and efficiently

Precision Building

Every brick we lay in your precious space is precise and leads to a final output that is nothing short of flawless.

Thorough Testing

Every project we deliver is checked completely and thoroughly

Quality Finish

When we are done with our work we assure you that you will not be disappointed