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Infinity Pool | Swimming Pool Builders & Pools Companies Dubai UAE
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Infinity Pools

Green Vista Infinity Edge Pool

Begin your day with an energizing lap, or culminate it with a relaxing float. The endless square feet of blue are all you need to enhance every poolside experience. Throw an unparalleled gathering, invite your loved ones over for brunch or simply enjoy a pool-party for two, an infinity pool is the perfect addition to every outdoor occasion. So if you’ve got the landscape, we’ve got the design.


With Green Vista, you can customize the infinity pool design for your outdoors, optimally enhancing the open spaces or make it a part of your landscaping garden by turning it into a garden swimming pool. With the perfect selection, an infinity pool can become the eye of envy in a backyard of resplendence. Infinity pools need precision for it to be truly perfect. Specialized in pool landscaping, Green Vista is one of the top swimming pool contractors in UAE.

Little can compare to the spectacle crafted by the infinity edge pool. Blending seamlessly with the surroundings, it creates a spellbinding panorama.

Advantages of Infinity Edge Pools

Bring home the extravagance of a resort. Enhancing the appeal of the outdoors, the negative edge pools create an unparalleled ambiance. Paying homage to the luxury traditions of France, add a touch of the exotic to your backyard. Sculpted out of concrete, infinity edge pools have several advantages. Having a swimming pool in Dubai is now more of a necessity than luxury, but a infinity pool just takes it to the next level. Being one of the leading swimming pool design and swimming pool construction company in Dubai UAE, Green Vista has garnered reputation for building some of the best Concrete pools and various other pools like fiberglass swimming pools and lap pools along with infinity edge pool.

The overflowing edge prevents stagnation, reducing the need for constant cleaning. The pool system allows for the overflowing water to re-enter the pool, creating a system for constant water movement. With the ingenious system in place, many of the floating debris are cleared before they get a chance to settle down! At Green Vista we have adopted state of art techniques and technologies of pools and landscaping for providing innovative swimming pool designs.

Created to suit the surroundings, the infinity edge pools are highly personalized to your landscape. Thus, the infinity pool can serve several purposes, making it as big or small as you’d like. Add a children’s section in it for your little ones, a lap pool for your daily exercises or a diving section for those flawless plunges. Highly modifiable, the infinity edge pool combines your needs with the surroundings. Green Vista is specialized in making custom swimming pools, with years of experience in the field of pools and landscaping.

Designed with an overflowing edge to create a mirage of ‘infinity’, the negative edge pools are an aesthetic boost for any backyard. They can be used as reflecting pools or recreational pools, serving to boost the ethos of your outdoors. After all, nothing enhances the splendor of the verdant much like the tranquility of the azure. Our team of talented landscaping designers and swimming pool builders join hands to create the ideal design for your space. Giving a aesthetic boost to your space.

Additional Features

Within the heat of the desert, create an oasis of cool serenity. Exuding calmness, the infinity edge pool creates enhances your outdoor experience manifold. So relax upon the deck, dip your feet in the water or jump in altogether. The sapphire addition is the ideal backdrop for unforgettable memories. You can customize it to your needs and preferences, crafting a haven of perfection.

Mosaic Tiling

Make the waters a work of art with a mosaic design to reflect your mind. With Green Vista, you can select from a vast range of popular designs or have one created especially for you.


Take a swim under the stars in waters that cast a soothing glow. You can transform your daytime idyll into a nighttime haven with the right lighting. These can be strategically placed to enhance the design and highlight the mosaic designs within the waters.

Poolside Deck

While your pool is the star attraction, the poolside deck is just as important. Design this to add to your landscape, increasing the functionality of the outdoors. At Green Vista, we help you create the ideal deck to add to your outdoor experience.

Temperature Control

Waters that feel like a warm hug; enjoy pools you never want to step out of. Plunge into the waters all year round without worrying about a chilling blast with every swim. Green Vista offers several temperature control options. You can either install a simple heating system for the winters, or complete temperature control to maintain a consistent degree of comfort. With a choice of remote control settings, discover the ease of ultimate luxury.

Underwater Seating

Enjoy a dip in the pool with your friends as the calming waters splash against you. With underwater seating, you can greatly increase the functionality of the space! Add hydrotherapy jets, and you can convert your pool into an open-air spa, right in your backyard!

Chlorine-free Water Systems

Pools are for everyone. So whether you have sensitive skin or simply prefer to stay away from chlorine, opt for the chlorine-free water filtration systems. These are just as effective and can be an excellent ‘green’ alternative for effective pool maintenance.

The Green Vista Advantage

So add adornments that enhance the functionality of your spaces while also creating a riveting aesthetic. With a choice selection of plants, shrubs and more, the garden design is all about crafting an ambiance. Unleash the potential of your backyard with unique landscaping solutions that mirror your preferences. Being one of the foremost landscaping companies in the UAE, at Green Vista, we believe in innovative designs and fresh ideas to create spaces that resonate with you. While infinity edge pools are a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoors, the right landscape design is what creates a backyard you cannot ignore. Add a gazebo to cover a part of the pool for some afternoon relaxation, or a pergola for some poolside unwinding. With subtle garden lighting and poolside illumination, the moon will become your awaited companion. Discover the mesmerizing wonder of a starry sky amid equally entrancing surroundings. Landscape design is an art of feel. Understanding your preferences, we help you create a plan to optimize your outdoors.

So add adornments that enhance the functionality of your spaces while also creating a riveting aesthetic. With a choice selection of plants, shrubs and more, the garden design is all about crafting an ambiance. If gardening is not your forte, we have you covered. With advanced irrigation systems and an automatic sprinkler system, you can keep the outdoors at their verdant best all year round. Relax upon the patio, overlooking the lush paradise in your backyard. With carefully selected amenities, we believe in crafting spaces that you will cherish. After all, the outdoors is more than just a patch of green, they are the stage for unforgettable memories and unparalleled experiences. We take pride in making some of the best swimming pool in Dubai, and for being one of the most preferred swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai. Green Vista is the one stop shop for all the pools and landscaping services in Dubai UAE. Our Comprehensive list of solutions make us one of the most preferred swimming pool builder and trusted swimming pool contractors in Dubai and across UAE.