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Swimming Pools Design & Swimming Pools Architecture in Dubai UAE
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Swimming Pools

Green Vista Swimming Pools

With a pool perfectly crafted to suit your landscape, discover a design that adds functionality while complementing your personal aesthetic. Finding the perfect pool is crucial to craft the ideal landscape. Being one of the top pools and landscaping companies in Dubai UAE, we at Green Vista, we believe in giving our customers the luxury of customization. That’s why we specialize in creating concrete pools that can be adapted to any space, shape and style.

Plunge into the cool delights of an azure pool on a hot summer’s day

Types of Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools are highly adaptable and can be modified into a variety of pool types to suit your landscaping needs.

Observe the verdant spaces accentuated through the strategically positioned reflecting pool. Such pools tend to be shallow, crafted in a variety of personalized and intricate designs to create spaces that steal the spotlight. Frequently placed beside immaculately landscaped spaces, the reflections enhance the beauty of your backyard.

Observe the skies painted in the colors of dusk as you relax within your private pool. Your favorite drink in hand, the recreational pool is ideal for evening soirees and family gatherings.

Watch your little ones as they splash about in the waters. Float in the quiet ambiance of the outdoors. Lap pools are smaller and ideal for outdoor relaxation amid the verdant idyll that is your private garden.

Relax upon the edge of infinity. This pool appears to extend endlessly, creating a mirage of forever. With an overflowing edge to recreate the luxury trend of France, the infinity pool seemingly blends into the surroundings.

Leave your worries behind as you plunge into an azure bliss. Specifically made for an enjoyable and safe diving experience, these pools are perfect to create an invigorating splash.

Pool Water Systems

At Green Vista, you can select from a wide range of water systems to accommodate your outdoor needs. Each system comes with it’s own advantages, aiding with ease, or creating a visual impact that complements your landscape design.

Skimmer Pool

Dive into clear waters every day. The skimmers on the side of the pool tend to keep the waters clean, taking in the debris that fall in without giving them a chance to settle. As a result, this is a great way to reduce pool maintenance in the long run.

Overflow Pool

Crafting a stunning visual treat, the water overflows from the edge into a surrounding channel usually filled with pebbles to create an appealing scene. The water itself appears like a sheet of glass without definite walls to hold it in. This design is frequently used in reflecting pools for the ultimate aesthetic effect.

Wet-Coping Pool

Similar to the overflow pool, this system utilizes a 3cm opening to let the water overflow into. This maintains the water levels while also helping with pool maintenance.

Infinity Edge

Much like the overflowing edges of the reflecting pools, infinity pools only provide the overflowing technique on one side – the side that ensures a mesmerizing visual treat! So dip into the luxury trend that has enthralled Europe, and plunge into waters that promise the mirage of forever.

Advantages of Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools are perfect for any backyard. Highly adaptable, they can be perfectly designed to suit the theme of your landscape. Their several advantages continue to make them the top choice for homes and hotels.


Unlike many other pool materials, concrete can withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. Whether it’s the harsh winter chill or the unrelenting summer heat, concrete can weather it all. Consequently, the pool material is ideal for the UAE, making it the top choice of homeowners in the region.

Highly Durable

Concrete promises durability with minimal maintenance in the long run. Their long-lasting property makes them a promising addition to any home, increasing the curb value of your property as well.

Highly Adaptable

Fiberglass pools come in a wide range of fixed shapes and sizes. Concrete, on the other hand, can be easily adapted to the available area, crafted into the preferred shapes, and even modified to complement the aesthetic of your landscape design. This ensures that homeowners have the luxury of choice on their side.

Deep Diving

Watch your children splash in the kiddie pool while you relax in the deeper end. In-ground concrete pools can be created to suit any shape and design. The high-adaptability ensures that you can create pools with varying depths to suit the needs and preferences of your family.

Additional Features

Crafting the perfect pool is all in the details. Where every little aspect is essential, the perfect pool can craft an ambiance. With carefully selected additions to accentuate those heavenly blues, create a backyard you never want to leave. At Green Vista, we offer a variety of additions to help you create a pool that’s akin to a paradise. As prime swimming pool contractors of Dubai, UAE, Green Vista has earned a reputation for delivering high quality standard pools and landscaping services.


Carefully selected lighting will have you waiting for dusk to set in. Lighting can serve to highlight the shape of the pool as well as the mosaic designs within. Floating under the moonlight, embrace waters that sparkle like diamonds. We offer remote-controlled as well as set outdoor lighting to help you control the mood of your outdoors. So luxuriate in a subtly lit pool that appears to be filled with stars as night sets in, or enjoy waters that show you the way.

Poolside Decks

Discover your pool become the life of the party as you host an outdoor barbecue. Relax within the shade of a vine-covered canopy after your morning swim. The poolside deck is the perfect addition to complement the blue waters.

Mosaic Tiling

Swim across the waters with a pair of fish, or enjoy your morning routine with a delightful dolphin to give you company. Mosaic tiling can enhance the shape and design of the pool while also giving you a personalized ambiance. Select a design or create one that resonates with you. With the perfect mosaic to accentuate your waters, plunge into a pool that is truly yours. Our mosaic tiles are fade-proof, chemical-proof and weather resistant, giving you a style as long lasting as the concrete itself!

Temperature Control

Enjoy the company of cool waters on a warm day, and warm waters in the chilly winds of night. With temperature control, you can modify the temperature for the perfect swim at any time. At Green Vista we know the weather and terrain of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE. With temperature control you can enjoy a good swim in your desired temperature.

Pool Fencing

Keep your little ones from falling over the edge without supervision, and craft a safe space when the party is in full swing. With several kinds of pool fencing available, you can add safety without compromising on style. At Green Vista, we provide a variety of fencing styles including glass and wooden fencing for a fancy finish. We also provide Baby-Loc fencing. This can be put into place or removed at your convenience, making it ideal for when the children might not have your undivided attention.

Underwater Ledges

Enjoy the cozy comfort of spas with underwater seating in your private pool. With additional hydrotherapy jets, indulge in a rejuvenating experience amid the verdant idyll that is your backyard.

Water Features

Enjoy a quiet evening with your loved ones as the soothing gurgles of the waterfall fill the air. Complete the poolside ambiance with a stunning water feature as you fill the night with the tranquil sound of a waterfall or fountain.

Chlorine-Free Water Systems

Whether you have sensitive skin or simply prefer going green, our chlorine-free water systems are for you. These enhance the longevity of concrete pools while also ensuring an eco-friendly solution for your backyard!

Anti-Entrapment Drainage

Ensuring safety first, our range of anti-vortex and anti-entrapment drains creates a safe swimming environment for everyone.

Outdoor Showers

Prepare yourself for the morning plunge, or rinse off the pool waters after. The outdoor showers are highly customizable and come in a variety of designs to complement your outdoor layout.

The Green Vista Advantage

At Green Vista, we create spaces that speak to you. Our experienced team of landscaping designers and swimming pool builders pays attention to every aspect of the design, giving you the ideal haven to cherish. Being one of the foremost landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE, we specialize in a variety of landscaping additions and designs. With innovative solutions and unique ideas, watch your backyard transform into a sanctuary of serenity. Pair the pools with a gazebo or pergola for a corner of shade and relaxation. Add strategically placed garden lighting for a backyard that comes to life in the company of stars, while the perfectly selected features ensure a mesmerizing backdrop for unforgettable memories. Add to this the ideal pool, and it can only enhance the garden design. That’s why we believe that no detail is too small.

Each aspect contributes in cultivating an ambiance that enthralls. With a patio styled to complement the outdoor theme, we also add advanced irrigation systems and automatic sprinkler system to ensure resplendence year-round. So float in the pool, surrounded by an environment of greenery. These will also drastically reduce your gardening hassles while keeping your outdoors at their prime. With our help, you can walk out each day into the company of the greens. Encounter the soft chirping of birds and the tranquil gurgles of the waters. Who would’ve thought – the incredible desert of the UAE is the paradise where you want to be!