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Water Features | Alluring Water Features Designs for Homes in Dubai
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Water Features

Green Vista Water Features

Observe the fish as they swim around the pond and discover serenity like never before. Usually associated with soulfulness and spirituality, water can lend your backyard the much-needed air of peacefulness. However, while the right water features can do wonders for your backyard, the wrong choice can make the layout appear chaotic.


At Green Vista, we help you pick out the perfect landscaping features to compliment your landscape design. So whether you have a forest themed outdoors, or a geometric design for a contemporary look, we have the perfect choices for you. Landscaping Dubai to a more beautiful haven has been our mission since the inception at Green Vista. Our in house landscape designers have combined experience of several decades in the landscaping business in Dubai, UAE.

Embrace the calm of water features in the chaos of the city

Types Of Water Features

Handpicked and customized to complement your landscape design, there is an endless list of water features we can install for you.

You can add a fountain to just about any water feature. The sound of splashing water combined with the fine mist can create a striking visual as well as an invigorating addition to the outdoors.

With perfectly timed lighting and music that the water appears to be dancing to, these create a striking visual attraction. Ideal for gatherings, musical fountains can also add to the aesthetic of the outdoors while giving it that extra touch of extravagance.

There are several kinds of ponds, each with their own unique advantages. These can further be customized in shape, size and design to perfectly complement its surroundings.

  • Reflecting Pools:These are shallow and usually shaped in geometric patterns. Frequently located near a decorative landscape to enhance the ambiance, they can create a mesmerizing environment. They can also have overlying walkways for added visual appeal, while also amplifying the entire experience.
  • Ornamental Pools: Usually situated besides the patio or deck, they are crafted as adornments or additions to enhance a certain feature. Consequently, they can be designed around a spouting statue, vertical waterfall or even a bell fountain for optimal impact.
  • Fish Ponds: Just about any pond can be converted into a fishpond so long as it has certain life-sustaining elements. Once these are met, you can enjoy the playful splash of the koi fish or the graceful swim of the gold fish as they go about their day.
  • Water Gardens: Eco-system ponds or water gardens are living water features. Replete with the right plants, fish and filtration systems, these require minimal maintenance. These also attract various local wildlife including small birds and butterflies, making it a serene bubble of activity.

An alternative to the downspout, these create a chain for water to flow down. Originating in Japan, this oriental concept has widely caught on because of its palliative nature and mesmerizing visuals.

Much like the fountains, waterfalls can add a splash of motion to your outdoors. Creating a sense of vitality, the invigorating sound is a captivating addition to the garden design. These are frequently made out of stone and other natural elements, but can be modified using more modern materials such as glass for a contemporary touch.

These moving water features can create a mesmerizing visual perfect for a restful ambiance. Frequently added to self-sustaining water gardens, streams act as natural filters. They are frequently placed to eventually cascade into waterfalls and culminate into a pond. They can also be used along meandering pathways or even on poolside decks. Amid lush surroundings, the murmur of water, and an ambiance of coolness, who would’ve thought we live in a desert?


Create a holistic landscape in your backyard with perfect suited water features. Carefully designed to resonate with you, the right additions will amplify the comfort of outdoor spaces. With these, bring the soul of nature to your doorstep, and enjoy the serenity of resplendence even as the summer sun beats down.

Personal Well-Being

The spellbinding additions create soothing sights that resonate calmness. Reflecting the surroundings, the murmuring waters and light splashes create the perfect atmosphere for de-stressing. In the fast-pace of modern life, these can greatly boost your mental well-being, creating a zone of spirituality

Attracting Wildlife

A pond or fountain will add to the landscape design, while also attracting the local wildlife. So look out of your window each morning to see little birds fluttering around. Notice the brightly colored butterflies as they make your shrubs their new home. With ornamental water features, enjoy the serenity of nature every day.

Increased Functionality

While you can enjoy an outdoor pool or a jacuzzi only in certain climates, water features can be enjoyed all year-round.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike swimming pools, which require regular maintenance, most water features can add texture to your landscape design while resonating a serene charm, all with minimal garden maintenance.

Coolness Complete

Larger water features combined with a verdant garden landscape design can give your outdoors a sense of cool quietude. So enjoy those hot days from the shade of your pergola, a soft breeze completing the experience.

A Unique Touch

Highly customizable, water features are meant to complement your garden design. You can craft features to uniquely suit your layout, or add them to enhance certain elements.

The Green Vista Advantage

Being one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai UAE, Green Vista provides excellent and innovative solutions for all landscaping purposes. With fresh concepts, we create a unique environment for each of our clients. Adding a personal touch to every space, you can enjoy surroundings that resonate with you. Offering a range of water features to suit every landscape design, we at Green Vista also enhance the outdoors with unique softscaping and hardscaping solutions. With this, we can modify your terrain and help create special nooks for relaxation. So add a gazebo besides the water feature to enjoy that soothing murmur to the fullest. Gazebos and Pergolas are perfect to beat the heat of Dubai and rest of UAE.


Combine the beauty of vine-covered pergolas with ornamental pools and a delicate pathway for an unparalleled evening stroll. And just like that, observe your backyard transform into the perfect idyll. You can also add strategic garden lighting to highlight the various outdoor features, while an automatic sprinkler system and advanced irrigation systems keep it resplendent all year round. Garden lighting adds to the world’s belief of Dubai being one of the best places for nightlife. It beautifies the city in the night as if its the true diamond on earth. For years Green Vista has been landscaping Dubai with dedication, innovation and enthusiasm. Creating benchmarks in the world of pools and landscaping making it one of the leading companies of landscaping companies in Dubai and rest of UAE.