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Softscape | Beautify Homes Softscape & Soft Landscaping in Dubai, UAE
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Green Vista Softscaping

Individually selected flowering plants ensure an air perfectly balanced with perfume that captivates your fancy. In the outdoors, there is more than meets the eye. Whether it is the delightful scent of dew or the rejuvenating, verdant landscape, craft your space into a charming conglomeration of living elements. Being among the leading landscaping company in UAE, we at Green Vista help you create the outdoors into a haven you just can’t get enough of. While hardscaping requires a clear design, softscaping is an art of feel. That’s why we work with you to create spaces that resonate with you.


At Green Vista our professional landscape designers have avid knowledge of various types of plants and shrubs, some add to the look and feel of the landscape design while some add to the functionality of the entire landscape layout. Our trained technicians carry out the work in a organized way under the leadership and constant supervision of our talented professional landscape architects. Based out of Dubai, we at Green Vista take landscaping business seriously. Be it commercial landscaping or residential landscaping, our landscaping services and material quality remains unmatched in the industry. This has made us one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai in a short period of few years. Our ongoing journey of landscaping Dubai has been a decorated with happy clients and overwhelming feedback. At Green Vista we pay attention to the minutest of details that often even goes unnoticed but it makes sure we stay on top of our game.

Breathe in the fresh scent of magnolias. Hear the delicate rustle of the leaves. Feel the grass crunch beneath your feet.

Types Of Softscaping

There are several aspects to consider when it comes to softscaping.  Would you prefer a carpet of fake grass, or a lawn of real grass to walk upon? Would you like an organized backyard or one that’s resplendent in it’s wildness? With plenty of possibilities to think about, here are some of the softscaping options we offer at Green Vista:

A small patch of lawn can go a long way in connecting you with nature. Marking the perfect spot for picnic lunches, book-reading, or simply reconnecting with yourself, grass can be the addition you need. We offer a carpet of fake grass or a lawn of real grass, depending on your preferences.

These are usually a flowering variety of plants that may also provide some foliage. If you’re looking for something more, simply select a fruit-bearing option for a delicious treat from time to time.

When you live in the desert, shade is essential. That’s why you can select from a variety of shade trees to increase the functionality of your backyard. Bring in the morning with a quiet cup of coffee in the shade, or play with the little ones, away from the beating sun. The desert is no match for you in here.

These are perfect adornments for your home. Easily moved around, container plants are replanted each year. So add some shrubs or even perennials for the season, and watch them grown before you replant them into the garden.

Promising color and fragrance, hardy, climbing roses can last the test of weather. You can also select from a variety of vines to adorn your outdoor installations, whether it’s the pergola, gazebo or even the patio! Everything is more beautiful with a little bit of green.

If you would really like to give your green thumb a go, a vegetable garden is the perfect place to start. These are highly adaptable, making them the perfect means of optimizing those unused corners of the backyard.

For those who believe organized living is the key to a fulfilling life, here is the perfect solution for your backyard. Keeping the mulch, lawns, pathways, and other gardening elements in place, edging ensures that your garden is perfectly planned within it’s limits.

Signaling the changing seasons, there are numerous bulbs to choose from. These will add color and fragrance to the backyard that change with the season.

These verdant wonders are perfect to add foliage and texture to your outdoor space. So select the hardy variety to last you year after year of resplendent vistas.

Ideal for lining the pathways, covering the fences or even decorating the gazebos, shrubs can be used in innumerable ways. Select the evergreen variety to add a touch of nature’s wilderness to your backyard all year round.


The perfect softscape can do a lot more than create a beautifully fragranced outdoors. It can create a sanctuary to return to at the end of every day. In spaces molded to your needs, softscaping adds a unique personality to every design.

Increase Curb Appeal

Hard work always pays off, and it’s no different with softscaping. The regular maintenance is sure to keep your gardener on his toes. Fortunately, it also increases the curb appeal of your home, increasing the total value of your property. So if you thought landscaping was a pointless investment, think again!

Living Spaces

Softscaping involves plants, shrubs, vines, grass and more. Essentially, it refers to the living elements that give the place its character. It livens every feature, accentuating the intricate designs. So the next time you rest under the vine-covered gazebo, remember to appreciate softscaping for the verdant shade.

Customizing the Look

Using a variety of flowering plants, shrubs, ornamental trees and more, you can customize the outdoors to suit your needs and preferences, adding your identity to the backyard. So select from a wide range of plants that resonate with you, designing a space that complements your preferences.

Highly Modifiable

Since softscaping involves the ‘softer’ elements of landscaping, it’s also a lot easier to change. Unlike hardscaping, this can be modified or adapted without much hassle. Remove the plants from one corner and replant them to border the pathway, anything is possible with minimal trouble. So let your imagination run wild, and we will take care of the rest.

Green Thumb

If gardening has always been your passion, now is the time to show it. The tremendous variety of plants will put your skill to a test. With this, you can enjoy a green haven beginning at your doorstep.

The Green Vista Advantage

At Green Vista Dubai, we believe in creating unique and enjoyable spaces that identify with you. With carefully planned hardscaping and landscaping features, the backyard will be a reflection of your personality. The customized gazebo and pergola additions optimize the outdoor space. Intertwining functionality with aesthetics, we at Green Vista believe that landscape design is more than just the addition of shrubs and other living elements. The garden lights are strategically placed in the areas of maximum utilization, while the garden design itself is adapted to your lifestyle.

With dedicated areas for walking, relaxing, and enjoying, discover yourself reflected in your surroundings. In this idyllic setting, our advanced irrigation system and an automatic sprinkler system will ensure that the lush spaces aren’t just a feast for the eyes; they’re a sanctuary for the soul. With the competition for landscaping in UAE increasing day by day, landscaping Dubai has now become a mission for a lot of landscaping companies.