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Pergola | Best Pergola Landscape Designing Services in Dubai UAE
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Green Vista Pergolas

We at Green Vista pride ourselves for the premium landscaping services that brings beauty and joy to the lives of people in UAE. Just because we live in a desert doesn’t mean it has to feel like one. At Green Vista we design and build some of the finest Pergola you can think of for your backyard landscape design. A pergola is an arched structure giving shade to a passageway, walkway or sitting area. Usually covered with woody vines,  a pergola is a scenic addition to your landscape architecture. And the best part is the shape and structure of a pergola is meant to increase airflow as well! Bring the Italian charm to your doorstep with these delightful additions.


Whether created as an extension of the patio, a shaded walkway, or simply a charming garden structure like a gazebo, pergolas easily enhance the ambiance of the outdoors. With our special emphasis on client satisfaction and quality standards, we at Green Vista are proud to be recognised as one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai UAE. We at Green Vista has some of the finest professional landscaping designers of Dubai working in-house. Our skilled technicians and landscape designers carry out the work in a organized way to make sure that the entire landscaping process goes hassle free for you.

Lay back in the shade of a rustic Pergola with a cool breeze to rejuvenate your senses

Types Of Pergolas

There are various kinds of pergola to choose from. Being one of the top landscaping companies in UAE, at Green Vista we are experts at building each and every type of pergola. If you are wondering which one to choose, here’s a list of the types of Pergola and a small brief about their design and build.

Conjuring an image of a rustic European countryside, this is the most common type of  pergola design. Perfectly in tune with contemporary and vintage architecture, this pergola  ensures optimum comfort. The roof is made up for parallel wooden slats. These are placed side-by-side with enough space to let the sunlight in. With the help of softscaping, this delightful style can be combined with climbing plants, creepers and vines to create a cooler environment in the shades.

Aesthetically pleasing, these pergola structures improve air-flow in the passage. Ideal for the shaded sides of the house, the open roof design doesn’t have any cladding on the top. So here, when it rains, it pours!

Defined by the triangular shape of their roof, the ceiling of this kind of  pergola is ridged to provide maximum protection from the elements. This design vastly improves the airflow to create a more focused channel. And not only that, it provides absolute protection from the elements, whether it’s rain or shine.

Creating an intricate design with the criss-crossed slats on the roof, these are the epitome of the vintage charm. The spaces between allow for sunlight, while the shape is ideal to adorn with vines and other hanging plants. Trellis roof pergola can be paired with other Trellis works to add certain continuity to the design and adding a certain style

This design simply using a sturdy cloth to cover the roof, giving you some much needed shade in the desert heat while perfectly complementing the contemporary architectural styles. If all this sounds like too much information, don’t worry. The experts at Green Vista can help you select the perfect pergola to complement your landscape design!

Additional Features

A cool breeze, verdant vines, flowering plants and the soothing gurgles of water – doesn’t sound like a desert, does it?. Creating a world of blossoming greens, pergolas can be the game-changer you need. Their unique design is perfect for spending some special moments with your loved ones or to host garden parties and more. That’s why we offer a range of additional features to suit your preferred purpose.

Water Features

Float amid the azure gurgles surrounded by a lush environment amid the shaded roof. With streaks of sunlight to make the water sparkle, enjoy the resplendence of a forest from the comfort of home. We install water features that include outdoor Jacuzzi, fountains, fish ponds, and more, enjoy the beauty of a vibrant life. Water features are the favorite features of landscaping in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Latticework Walls

These intricate wall designs ensure privacy surrounding your pergola. The intricate latticework may not provide absolute privacy, but the vines, creepers and plants growing on it will certainly do the job. The resplendence of the plants will ensure that the area remains cool while the pergola remains shrouded in the serenity of solitude.

Garden Lights

Nothing enhances the ambiance of a space better than the perfect lighting. So whether it is underwater lighting or simply ambient lighting for the night, the right choice is imperative when it comes to garden lighting. We provide you with the perfect range of garden lights to create an atmosphere you can cherish. Light up your beautiful landscape design in the night with this landscaping feature we are specialized in at Green Vista UAE.

Verdant Roofs

Lush, green, and delightful, the rooftop plants are reminiscent of the softscape of the Mediterranean world. Providing ample shade, they also foster a cool environment. Perfect for your next cup of coffee or a relaxing evening outdoors, enjoy the beauty of nature in the lap of greenery.

Shaded Roofs

If you’d rather not wait for the vines to grow, you can simply opt for a shaded roof covered by cloth over a pergola. All you have to do is select the colour! Shaded roofs are by far the quickest way to get some shade, this is also easily reversible.

Plant Holders

To perfect the ambiance of a forest, the vine-covered pergola roof can also be adorned by flowering plants blooming from the dangling plant holders.

Cobbled Walkway

If a rustic charm is what you had in mind, the cobbled stone walkway under a pergola gives the space a unique ambiance. These paths are therapeutic to walk upon, as the stone remains cool in the comfort of the shade.

Planted Borders

To complete the sanctuary of greens, the hardscape of a walkway can be lined with the softscape of small plants and shrubs for a vibrant experience.

The Green Vista Advantage

With the right additions, you can transform that open backyard into the ultimate sanctuary of serenity. Couple the pergola with a gazebo for increased functionality. The right garden landscaping can ensure that every additional feature looks like it always belonged. Pergolas and Gazebos are the best way to find solace in the heat of Dubai and UAE weather. Couple the features with the perfect garden lights to accentuate each space. The perfectly ambient lighting can make the garden design come alive, even as the sun disappears over the horizon. Once the spaces are perfected, we provide gardening and maintenance service so that you are always greeted by perfection. The pre-installed sprinkler system and irrigation systems can go a long way in keeping the landscape at its resplendent best. With the most advanced technology, we make sure that this uses the least amount of water for maximum results. The Dubai lifestyle demands automation and good water management.

So add adornments that enhance the functionality of your spaces while also creating a riveting aesthetic. With a choice selection of plants, shrubs and more, the garden design is all about crafting an ambiance. If gardening is not your forte, we have you covered. With advanced irrigation systems and an automatic sprinkler system, you can keep the outdoors at their verdant best all year round. Relax upon the patio, overlooking the lush paradise in your backyard. With carefully selected amenities, we believe in crafting spaces that you will cherish. After all, the outdoors is more than just a patch of green, they are the stage for unforgettable memories and unparalleled experiences. We take pride in making some of the best swimming pool in Dubai, and for being one of the most preferred swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai. Green Vista is the one stop shop for all the pools and landscaping services in Dubai UAE. Our Comprehensive list of solutions make us one of the most preferred swimming pool builder and trusted swimming pool contractors in Dubai and across UAE.