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Irrigation Systems | Smart Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Dubai UAE
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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Green Vista Irrigation Systems & Sprinkler Systems

Create an idyll out of the outdoors with little trouble. Green Vista provides advanced landscape design and landscaping solutions that have your landscaping needs covered. With us, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a green thumb. Our modern irrigation systems are perfectly suited for different kinds of gardens.


At Green Vista, we thrive at the latest technologies that we incorporate in our landscaping services, this includes state of art irrigation and sprinkler systems. With our reputation to be one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE we use the best quality material and technologies for providing luxury landscaping services to our esteemed clientele.

Breathe in the fresh scent of morning dew on your perpetually resplendent landscape

Irrigation Techniques

There are several irrigation techniques available in the UAE. At Green Vista, we offer options that optimize water usage while also ensuring a green landscape.

This administers water directly to the root bulbs of the plants, preventing water wastage and run-off. However, it isn’t the best idea for larger areas of land such as a lawn.

The sprinkler head rotates in a circle, allowing the pump to cover a vast area of land. This is ideal for lawns and turfs. It needs a high pressure of water to cover a larger area and regular maintenance for optimal functioning.

This sprinkler head is adjustable, covering varying areas depending on the setting. It works best in smaller regions and can function well, even with low pressure. You can mix and match the different irrigation techniques for optimal efficiency. This gives your landscape the care it needs while also ensuring minimal water usage.

Irrigation Systems

There are several ways of creating the lush paradise in your backyard. Depending on the area of your grounds and the purpose of every corner, you can combine different kinds of irrigation systems for a personalized lawn maintenance regimen. At Green Vista Dubai, we offer several different kinds of irrigation and sprinkler systems to optimize your outdoor space with ease. These various systems have to be selected based on your requirements and budget.

Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is ideal to cover large areas of turf with little to no trouble. These are available with a rotating head, or even the standard sprinkler head and can cover a varying scale of land.

Underground Hose Irrigation System

Using only as much water as is required, this is the perfect means of combatting weeds in the garden. It minimizes water wastage without disturbing the nutrient balance in the soil. With this in place, you won’t need to fertilize your garden quite as often, keeping the backyard at it’s finest for longer.

Centralized Irrigation Control System

Technology is meant to ease our life, and that’s just what a centralized system would do. This allows you to control all the irrigation pumps and systems in your garden with little to no hassle. So decide when and for how long each section needs to be watered. All you need to do is lift one finger.

Drip Irrigation System

Allowing water to drip slowly to the plant base or directly to the roots, this system saves water while also ensuring a verdant view. The slow dripping technique is put in place with the help of pipes and valves. It prevents the disruption of the soil and nutrients while also eliminating run off. Giving the plants only as much water as is needed, this system creates a space to enjoy.

Advantages of Automatic Irrigation

Installing irrigation systems doesn’t only cut down on your daily chores, but also improves the overall quality of your gardens.

Evergreen Panoramas

One of the topmost advantages of an irrigation system is the perfect quality of your outdoors. No matter the time of year, the backyard will always be at its resplendent best. The irrigation system is meant to negate human error while adding the mechanical efficiency of modern equipment.

Preventing Disease and Weeds

Specialized drip irrigation systems can directly water each of the plants’ roots instead of sprinkling water all over the garden. Consequently, the surrounding weeds are less likely to germinate. Moreover, this method of irrigation also prevents leaf diseases that arise from standing droplets of water!

Saving Water and Time

Modern drip and sprinkler irrigation systems come with timers. Simply feed in the time of day and duration for watering your landscape, and the mechanical contraption will take care of the rest. Not only does this save water, but also your time. After all, imagine how long it would take to water each of the plants manually!

Preserve Soil Nutrients

Drip and sprinkler irrigation system produces smaller droplets of water, creating less force upon impact. So when the water is sprayed across your grounds with the help of sprinkler  system, the nutrients in the soil aren’t strongly impacted unlike during manual methods. A strong force of water from the garden hose can easily leach out nutrients in the run off or make them seep deeper into the soil. It’s no wonder the gardens needed to be fertilized all too often!

Gardening Flexibility

Irrigation systems can be calibrated to fit your schedule. So if you have a busy day ahead, simply set the system beforehand and you can get a lot more done. Prune and perfect one section while another is being watered. Gardening is about enjoyment, not stress. So let the irrigation system take care of the space while you work on your plants on your time.

The Green Vista Advantage

Being one of the foremost landscaping companies in the UAE, Green Vista understands the nuances of maintaining your outdoors. Every backyard is unique, imbued with its own personality. We at Green Vista strive to create spaces that reflect your preferences. With landscaping installations that complement your lifestyle, we create your personal sanctuary just beyond your doorstep. Each landscaping installation is meant to accentuate your hobbies and preferences. With a gazebo for your evening reads, a pergola for the early morning walks, or even a patio customized to suit your needs, each space is adapted to you. Every aspect is further enhanced with the landscape designs to match. Softscaping adds a touch of life to the installations, giving the space a serene appeal while the garden lights evoke a mesmerizing scene with every sundown. However, when it comes to your backyard, it’s not just about the garden design, but about it’s impact. That’s why the customized irrigation systems and centralized sprinkler systems are the unseen heroes of your haven.

Automatic irrigation Systems ensure a treat for the eyes and a delight to the senses all year round. After all, who enjoys a garden that has dried out in the desert sun? Landscaping in Dubai, UAE has been more of a necessity than a trend nowadays. With each villa and house crafted with perfection by various talented architects, it’s only fair to have equally talented professional landscaping designers and landscaping architects creating the landscaping designs and layouts for you. Green Vista has been Landscaping Dubai since years and has now garnered reputation of being on of the top landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE delivering quality landscaping services to its esteemed clientele.