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Gazebo | Elite Gazebo Designs & Landscaping Services in Dubai UAE
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Green Vista Gazebos

Gazebos aren’t just another garden installation; they are memories waiting to happen. Their very designs bring the exotic to your home in the beautiful country of UAE. Fostering the ideal environment for some solitude, or a delightful space for small gatherings. A gazebo dramatically improves the functionality of your lawn. So embrace the promise of experiences.


We all know the desert heat can be relentless. That is why we have a great way to beat it! With gazebos, you can feel the cool touch of air, even when the afternoon sun hangs relentlessly overhead. After all, nothing compares to the comfort of a cool shade decorated with a scattering of golden rays.

Cherish the delightful chirping of the birds and the tranquil gurgle of the waters as you bask under a cool shade

Types Of Gazebos

Every garden has a unique personality, so it’s fitting that it should have a unique gazebo as well. While the traditional gazebos tend to be either hexagonal or octagonal, numerous other shapes can also be made. Add to this a variety of roofs, and the possibilities are endless! So before you get overwhelmed with your range of choices, here are some basic gazebo types to choose from.

These are among the garden landscaping features that decorate your space to envy-inducing perfection. They are purely ornamental in nature and available in a wide variety of intricate designs. So if you like a mesmerizing backdrop for those flowerbeds, this is your answer!

With low maintenance plants, climbing vines, and a lush landscape, the contemporary style is made to mingle the countryside ambiance with the comfort of low maintenance keeping your landscaping costs in check. This garden landscaping design involves more work on softscape than on hardscape thus it requires smart irrigation and sprinkler system too.

Also known as Pagoda Gazebos, these are heavily inspired from oriental architecture and pagoda styles, these wooden structures usually boast of a thatched or tiled roof. The delightfully exotic charm is perfectly complemented by a rainforest or tropical garden.

Experience the splendour of the English aristocracy with a gazebo directly inspired by their taste. The classic elegant gazebo is a delightful rendering of Victorian homes. Embrace the surreal ethos as their charming designs, varied styles, and intricate woodwork transpire to create an enchanting ambiance.

Enjoy the warmth of countryside hospitality as you bask in this delightful gazebo. Made using rough-cut wood, the style is reminiscent of the genteel warmth of the European countryside. So delight in that delicate breeze as you envision yourself on the outskirts of London.

Nothing decorates shade better than a light scattering of some golden rays. With the intricate criss-cross of the lattice, the gazebo creates the perfect decor for your afternoon siestas. With this, enhance the ambiance of your outdoor landscaping, even as you embrace the comfort of the outdoors.

If the traditional cornered gazebos aren’t for you, this one just might be. Available in numerous materials, from wood to vinyl, their circular shape is what stands out. The rotunda focuses the attention on the roof, making it the perfect place to lie down and gaze up. The intricate roof is frequently studded with lighting to literally place it in the limelight. After all, when you have an ornate roof, how can you resist showing it off?

Additional Features

No gazebo is complete without a customized range of additional features to bring it to life. Unwind in the soothing splashes of the water or feel the delicate scent of your favourite flowers. Create the idyll of your dreams in the sanctuary of your lawn.

Water Features

With the gazebo to give you all the privacy you need, an outdoor hot tub is the perfect mode of relaxation. Choose from a wide variety of water features including a delightful little pond or even a fountain to complete your haven.

Garden Lights

An idyllic space by daylight deserves to be just as fabulous in the moonlight. With the right garden lighting to enhance the space, give your gazebo the garden spotlight. After all, isn’t this what your outdoors revolve around?

Verdant Roofs

Look up to see a canopy of green, while a cool breeze encircles you completely. Nothing transforms the ambiance as dramatically as the resplendent roof to give you shelter. Bringing a forest into the desert, a verdant roof is a resplendent cherry on the cake!

Plant Holders

When you live in the desert, you can never have enough plants. So create a gazebo to rival even the most resplendent of forests. With artistically placed plant holders to enhance the aesthetic appeal, your outdoors never looked more inviting.

Vine-Covered Walls

Embrace the beauty of the Italian countryside in the quiet shade of the gazebo amid the scent of vibrant plants. Creating a surreal sanctuary, the vine-covered walls encourage daydreamers, nurture ideas and propel the drive for innovation. Where better to be inspired than in the lap of nature?

The Green Vista Advantage

At Green Vista, we believe in landscape design that enhances the personality of the space. With perfectly designed spaces, enjoy life on your terms. Take an afternoon swim in the shade of the pergola extending beyond the patio. Enjoy that extravagant soiree, enhanced by the aesthetically placed garden lights. With a craftily placed sprinkler system and irrigation systems within the garden design, your outdoors reflects resplendence year-round!


Being among the top landscaping companies in the UAE, we also provide maintenance and gardening services to ensure perfection. Our comprehensive landscaping services include Hard Landscaping, softscaping, Gazebos and Pergolas, water features, irrigation and sprinkler systems and garden maintenance. Adding to the beauty of landscaping, our swimming pools designing and building services is one of the best swimming pool services in Dubai, UAE.