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Garden Lighting | Elegant Landscapes with Garden Lighting | Dubai, UAE
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Garden Lighting

Green Vista Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is one of the premium landscaping services we provide at Green Vista in Dubai, UAE. So, You’ve spent plenty of time and energy into perfecting your outdoors. Picking out the ideal gazebo to complement the landscape design or dedicating hours to deciding the perfect placement of shrubs is one aspect. With all the effort you’ve put in, the outdoors deserves to look just as fabulous, even after sunset. That’s where garden lighting comes in.


A stunning landscape can be transformed into the most surreal nightscape. The perfect garden landscaping lighting highlights, accentuates, and illuminates the spaces without seeking attention. It puts a spotlight on your favourite features, whether it’s a tree, the pergola or even the patio, while adding drama to those walkways. This is perfect for hosting those evening gatherings. After all, who wouldn’t want to walk up to your house in a walkway lit up just for them? With the right lighting, everything is possible. Turn your daytime haven into a night time paradise. After all, who wants to venture into a patch of dark wilderness, unable to see what awaits?


Nothing can compare to a delicious cup of tea in the company of the stars and the shrubs. With the sound of water gurgling nearby, amid the delicate scent of flowers wafting around, the night time has a unique allure. The city of Dubai is known for its nightlife around the world, it shines like gold in the dark. Why not bring a bit of the nightlife home with our premium garden lighting landscaping services.

Indulge in a midnight swim as the light make the water sparkle like a thousand stars

Types Of Garden Lighting

Nothing can equal the serenity of the night as you sit on your porch. With the sound of crickets in the air, embrace the delicate scent of the wind as you enjoy a jovial conversation with your loved ones. The perfect lighting will set the mood without stealing your attention. It is a blend of three basic lighting types: Ambient, Accent, and Task lighting.

These moving water features can create a mesmerizing visual perfect for a restful ambiance. Frequently added to self-sustaining water gardens, streams act as natural filters. They are frequently placed to eventually cascade into waterfalls and culminate into a pond. They can also be used along meandering pathways or even on poolside decks. Amid lush surroundings, the murmur of water, and an ambiance of coolness, who would’ve thought we live in a desert?

This sets the mood, providing a general level of illumination across a wide space. It is perfect to create the atmosphere without interfering with the surroundings.

This includes the decorative lights such as the Himalayan salt table lamp or the decorative wall lights to set the ambiance. It contributes to the mood set by the ambient lighting across an area.

This adds to ambient lighting by providing enough light to get something done. This includes pendant lighting by the doors or even sconce lighting in the pergola. There is a wide variety of outdoor lights. So if you’re uncertain, here’s are some of the most popular kinds.

You’ve probably seen these just about everywhere. From resorts to mansions, they’re among the most popular kind of garden landscaping fixtures. Wall lighting includes sconces, lanterns, and other types of light fixtures mounted upon the wall. These give their surroundings an ethereal ambiance, even from a distance and also enhance the curb appeal!

These dainty little creations will enhance your outdoors with ease. Usually meant to illuminate the most important aspects, like the door, they provide plenty of light while becoming a style statement in themselves. Hanging lights are some of the most common fixtures of landscaping in Dubai.

As night falls, lighting is what keeps you going. After all, it’s a hassle trying to open your front entrance with just the light from your mobile phones. That’s why outdoor ceiling lights are placed in areas that need plenty of illumination – ex. The front porch. Since this is the ultimate entrance, you can choose to make a dramatic statement with the help of pendant lights or craft a charming scene with low-lying flush-mounts. Once you understand the needs of your outdoors, here is the next dilemma. Energy-saving lights, LED lights, or solar lights.

Nothing makes a dramatic statement quite like these! The nuanced detailing, large size, and obvious charm is sure to become a talked-about topic among all your guests! These delightful additions help illuminate a path while also looking elegant by themselves!

Walkways that encourage you to make an entrance every evening! These low-lying lights are covered from the top to ensure that they spread evenly across those delicately laid out paths. If your garden lights haven’t gotten your guests talking already, these ones surely will.

Garden Lighting Process

With innumerable options to pick from, the landscaping experts at Green Vista will help you make the right choice. Each different style has its own perks. So, based on your needs, we will assist with making the most apt decision! The world of landscaping in Dubai is ever growing and dynamic, with new trends and fashions changing every season.


Everything begins with you. At Green Vista the first step to creating the ambiance is to understand your preferences, needs, and the terrain. Our expert professional landscaping designers believe that an understanding of your desires will help us create the perfect design.


Once our landscaping architect  know what you want, it’s time to see what your outdoors need. So we scope out the premises in the night to see where lighting is most needed, and what requires maximum impact. With the perfect understanding of the space, we’re ready to start designing!


Our skilled landscaping designers will set up the perfect plan for lighting. A 3D rendering is optional. This will show you what your spaces will look like once the execution is complete.

Materials and Costing

After the layout and rendering is approved, our landscaping architect and the lighting team will get to work.


With the necessary permissions in place, we’re all set to begin!


With the approved layout, materials, and costing, we’re all ready to put the plan into action.


And just like that, the ambiance is created.

The Green Vista Advantage

We at Green Vista believe in pairing speed with efficiency for minimal inconvenience. After all, we know how impatient you must be to have the night to yourself! Garden Lighting is an integral part of the entire landscape design that a landscaping architect carries out. Garden lights accentuate the beauty of your landscaping features such as Gazebos, Pergolas and most of all the beautiful water features.


Garden lighting services can be extended and combined with your swimming pool design and its own lighting so that they complement each other to create a serene nightscape. Green Vista takes pride in having some of the most talented staff from the world of landscaping in Dubai, UAE. With skilled professional landscaping architects and landscaping designers to boast of, Green Vista has got nothing less than happy and satisfied long list of clientele.