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Barbecue & Serving Counters | Landscaping Services in Dubai, UAE
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Barbecues & Serving Counters

Green Vista Barbecue and Serving Counters

Specially designed for your needs, every adornment is carefully thought out. Ranging from the material of your counter to the style of the tabletops, every aspect has been created, just for you. Transform the backyard into a space that complements your lifestyle. Whether it is hosting soirees for friends to spending quality time with family, each facet can be customized for ultimate comfort. And let’s face it, selecting the perfect barbecue pit and serving counter might be one of the toughest choices you have to make. After all, nothing brings people together quite like the promise of sumptuous delicacies!


At Green Vista Dubai, our professional landscape designers just don’t design landscapes, they design memories. With years of experience in the landscaping business, our success as landscape contractors in Dubai, UAE has earned us a reputation of being one of the leading landscaping companies. Since almost a decade Green Vista has been Landscaping Dubai year after year, making lives as beautiful as our clientele envision it. Our Landscaping services include building Gazebos, Pergolas, water features, barbecue and serving counters and carrying out expert softscape and hard landscaping.

Create memories that last a lifetime, in the unequalled comfort of your outdoors

Types Of Barbecue and Serving Counters

When it comes to the world of landscaping there are several kinds of barbecue and cooking counters to choose from. Meant to last the test of time, the various materials each have their unique advantages. Based on your preferences, you can choose from a range of options to give you the desired look.


Polished granite resonates an unparalleled air of luxury. Bringing the indoors into the outdoors, a granite counter top makes a statement. Being heat resistant, enjoy the comforts of the outdoors even in the middle of summer. Granite is easy to clean and highly durable, making it the family spot until your next remodeling. However, since nothing is perfect, be sure to make ample use of your table mats and coasters when hosting a feast. Granite can get grease and wine stains with time. But with the right care, it will look perfectly new for years to come!


Highly versatile, concrete is the perfect option if you’re looking for an unconventionally shaped barbecue counter. Concrete can be cast into any shape, giving you a smooth surface in the end. It can then be polished and sealed to create several effects. You can further customize it by adding recycled glass pieces for a sparkly effect, or even place fiber optic lights to have the counter come to life at night. If you’d like to make it even more personal, simply cast an artifact into the surface, or create an intricate edge. When it comes to concrete, only your imagination is the limit. At Green Vista, we work with you to create a unique idea that perfectly suits your needs. Concrete is highly durable, easy to maintain, and extremely difficult to stain. So get as clumsy as you like, this counter top is here to stay.


For more reasonable options, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be the solution you’ve been looking for. At Green Vista, we offer a wide range of tiles for you to select from. You can even recycle the leftover tiles from your interiors décor to create an outdoor counter that complements your indoor spaces. Tile counter tops are easy to clean with innumerable color and design options. So if you’re opting for tile styles, it’s time to get creative! However, beware of grout. With tile counter tops, regular cleaning is a must to maintain the perfect finish for a long time.


This is another proven outdoor material. Flagstone counter tops can give your spaces a unique, rustic appearance. Their natural charm is easy to win you over, while the low cost only makes it sound better. However, flagstone is known to stain easy and shale over time, making it low in endurance. Moreover, it’s also extremely difficult to keep clean. So if you’re willing to dedicate time in maintenance and replacement, this can be a worthy investment.

The Green Vista Advantage

Green Vista is one of the leading landscaping companies in UAE, specializing in garden and interior installations as well as designing. We believe each space has potential, and aim to unleash this completely. The barbecue pits and serving counters accentuate an already unique backyard. However, it’s the carefully planned landscape design that truly sets the tone. Green Vista Dubai landscaping gives every space a unique identity, evoking a mesmerizing harmony between natural beauty and installations. Each addition will serve to increase the functionality of the backyard. The gazebo and pergola will be the eye of envy at every gathering, while the patio is the perfect space for the serving counters. The former features provide shade while adding an aesthetic appeal to the overall garden landscape design. However, it’s the strategically placed garden lights that truly puts them in the limelight. Furthermore, the inbuilt irrigation systems and an automatic sprinkler system take care of the predominant gardening needs, ensuring that the spaces retain their green promise throughout the year.

When it comes to your backyard, no aspect is too little or inconsequential. At Green Vista, we pay attention to very little detail. From the shape of your serving counters to the kind of plants that surround the gazebo, everything comes together to create a holistic experience. Our professional landscape designers keep every need of our clients in mind and always welcome various landscaping ideas that our clients already have. At Green Vista we make landscaping a collaborative process. This is the secret behind our success of becoming one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai in just below a decade. Our residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping services have earned us a reputation of delivering quality landscaping services in minimal landscaping costs.