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Green Vista Best Among Professional Landscaping Companies Dubai UAE
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Green Vista Landscaping

Green Vista is the one-stop shop for everything to do with outdoor landscaping and design needs in Dubai, UAE. We provide landscaping consultations, designs, constructions, renovations, maintenance and various other comprehensive landscaping services in Dubai, UAE. With additions that let you choose from a wide range of gazebos, pergolas, garden lights and more, your gardens can be customized to your specific needs.  If you want the feel of the forest without its garden maintenance and high landscaping costs, we’ve got you covered.


With artificial turfs and patios, wooden landscaping installations, barbecue pits and more, enjoy the outdoors at their finest. With a well landscaped yard, you would want to spend even the afternoons outdoors. In the weather of a warm country like UAE, nothing defeats the desert sun as easily as the luscious and vibrant shade of a beautiful Gazebo designed in your own backyard. Build the place from your dreams that you envisioned as a perfect solace from your hectic and busy life.

Encounter the beauty of the morning dew glistening upon the verdant landscape that is your home

Types Of Gardens

Each home is unique, and so is the landscape that goes with it. At Green Vista we craft each outdoors to meet the needs of our clients. As it is a collaborative process, we give our clients a lot of space to choose from the various types, combinations and varieties of landscaping designs and landscape architecture styles. Here is a little guide about the various types of garden landscaping designs you can have for your garden.

With a defined layout, everything has a place. The vegetable patch, garden patch, and open lawn are the basic features included in each such layout with optional wooden features like Gazebos and Pergolas.

With low maintenance plants, climbing vines, and a lush landscape, the contemporary style is made to mingle the countryside ambiance with the comfort of low maintenance keeping your landscaping costs in check. This garden landscaping design involves more work on softscape than on hardscape thus it requires smart irrigation and sprinkler system too.

Surrounded by the resplendence of greens, the center of the Zen garden is the ideal place to indulge in meditation. With sand, stone, and greens, enjoy the tranquil nature of spirituality in the sanctuary of your home. This landscape design is coupled frequently with Gazebos and Pergolas covered in lavish vines and flowering plants to ensure a cool ambiance outdoors. This is one of the favourite landscaping architecture in Dubai and UAE.

A low-maintenance garden landscaping design with a terraced set-up, you can also have a patch to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Ideal for light recreation and more, this simple design allows you to make optimum use of your beautiful space in UAE.

Reminiscent of the quintessential ambiance of a charming Tuscan scene, this garden landscaping design is a wonderful burst of riotous confusion. With a variety of flowering plants to recreate the European countryside, there is a dedicated vegetable patch to grow your own vegetables. This kind of garden usually has a water feature as the focal point of the entire landscape architecture.

Nothing rivals a sanctuary in the heart of nature. Surrounded by climbing vines on pergolas, high bushes and trees, it keeps you safe from prying eyes. With a secluded space in its midst for a swimming pool, wooden feature or open lawn, enjoy the serenity of your outdoor space in comfort of privacy.

It’s a universal truth; food tastes better when grown at home. With a stunning vegetable patch as the center of attention, give in to your green thumb. Gardening provides the ultimate relaxation, keeping you in tune with Mother Nature.

More of a living space than a garden, this is entirely a low-maintenance garden landscaping design. It enhances the functionality of the gardens while giving you an extra reason to sit outdoors. With a minimal lawn and plants softscaping, and wood works like gazebos and pergolas designed purely for comfort. Now you can enjoy the luxury of the gardens indoors as well.

What We Do for You

Each garden landscape design is imbued with its unique personality. As a landscaping company dedicated towards client satisfaction first, we at Green Vista take your preferences, needs and vision into consideration to create a unique design. With the aim of complementing your lifestyle, each landscaping layout is mapped for ultimate comfort. Green Vista is a leading garden and landscaping company in Dubai, UAE to help with the landscape and design of your outdoors. Here’s a brief on how entire landscaping process is carried out generally right from our first visit to your backyard to, your first visit to your new backyard.


Let’s start at the beginning. Our Landscaping consultation involves a survey of your front lawn, taking note of its topography and space. With you to lead a team of experienced professional landscaping designers, we take your preferences and vision into consideration. Our aim is to transform your landscaping ideas into an aesthetically appealing landscaping architecture.


After understanding the nuances of your garden space as well as your vision, we get to the drawing board. The garden landscaping layout is then charted out in a 2D format with the option of creating a 3D rendering as well.


Improvising, modifying and accessorizing your outdoors, we transform the outdoors into a beautiful landscaped sanctuary. Being one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE, we facilitate this with the help of re-design landscaping consultation, redesign garden renderings, execution, garden maintenance, and other such comprehensive landscaping services.

Quantity and Costing

After the landscape design is finalized, we chart out a list of the materials required and their overall costing. At this stage, the design can be modified to suit your budget. We at Green Vista take pride in providing premium landscaping services in Dubai, UAE while keeping the landscaping costs and prices in check.


Once we finalize on the costing, complete the formalities and get approval from the relevant authorities, our expert landscaping architects and landscaping designers are ready to begin. This done usually within a week or two of the submission of the required forms.

Landscape Maintenance

Having a resplendent outdoors can be a stunning feast for the eyes, especially if properly maintained. So stroll in the perfectly manicured lawn, relax in the comfort of your Gazebo, encased in those ideally trimmed vines, and enjoy the vibrant outdoors, all without lifting a finger. Our expert garden maintenance contractors ensure that everything remains perfect at all times. Every day that goes by, we at Green Vista are landscaping Dubai to a world as beautiful as you can envision it.


Embrace the charm of low-maintenance garden landscaping outdoors with quaint cobbled pathways, delicate steps, patios and cemented areas to create partitions. We help with the planning, design and execution to create the perfect outdoors.


Nothing enhances the ambiance of the outdoors quite like landscape water features or wooden additions. To create an outdoors in sync with your vision, we offer a wide range of customizable features.

Water features:

Nothing soothes a soul better than the sound of soft gurgles nearby. With a wide variety of water features including fountains, fishponds and swimming pools, you can choose your own source of gurgles to rejuvenate your mind.

Trellis Work:

Creating an aesthetic partition or screen, these can be creatively used to include vibrant plants. Trellis work is often seen on Gazebos and Pergolas, making them come to life.