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Landscaping Ideas and Tips on Upgrading the Outdoors in Dubai UAE 2017
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Landscaping Ideas and Tips on Upgrading the Outdoors in Dubai UAE

Enjoy a quiet evening by the poolside underneath the cool shade of the gazebo. With the right enhancements, your outdoors can transform into a haven of luxury. As one of the top landscaping companies in UAE, at Green Vista, we understand the nuances of the land, creating inventive landscape designs and customized ornamental features to actualize your vision. Specializing in both, residential landscaping and commercial landscaping, we adapt the layout keeping your preferences and needs in mind. So add decorative hardscape elements, redesign your softscaping and upgrade the garden design to match your aesthetic – unleash the potential of your outdoors. Landscaping is about creating the setting through unique designs that resonate with you. Discover the power in the details as the backyard becomes your new sanctuary. With the right additions to match your landscape design, experience tranquility of nature just beyond your doorstep. Being among the leading landscaping companies in Dubai, we craft individualized plans for each of our clients. Keeping up with the latest trends, here are the most popular upgrades to transform your outdoors:

Concrete Pavers

A driveway completed with regular concrete slabs doesn’t scream elegance quite like concrete pavers leading you home. These create flooring that looks more visually appealing while transforming the mood of your space. And that’s not all, concrete pavers, while being more charming, are also easier to replace. If a paver is cracked, you just need to replace the single piece, or, depending on the type, flip it over to ensure that it looks as perfect as the day it was placed.

Flagstone Pavers

Flooring is an essential element when it comes to setting the mood of a space. And it’s no different in the outdoors. Creating a balance between the vegetation and the paved paths is key to designing a space for relaxation. So if you’re looking for a more natural finish to your backyard, flagstone might be the answer. This versatile and durable material is frequently used for outdoor kitchen countertops and pathways for a rustic appeal. But that’s not all; flagstone is also ideal for landscaping in Dubai. Absorbing and releasing heat quickly, this material ensures resonates coolness, especially when coupled with a pergola to give shade! So if you’re looking for a charming path to step on to throughout the day, flagstone might just be for you.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Nurturing a verdant idyll isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the plants in need for constant care, sometimes it’s better to have a machine do the job. This greatly reduces the margin of error as our automated irrigation and sprinkler systems ensure resplendence without the effort! The system can be configured to release just the right amount of water at a preset time such that it will ensure minimal evaporation, creating a pattern of efficiency. Moreover our irrigation systems are also designed for landscaping in Dubai. Uniquely equipped to save water, these help to foster an environment of resplendence without paying a heavy price.

Lighting Upgrade

Step on to on a beautifully illuminated path with shrubs lining the way leading to the pergola. Plunge into the pool, a soft glow radiating from the waters below as you float underneath a sky of twinkling diamonds. The right lighting can completely change the ambiance. With the ideal combination of task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting, you can redesign the atmosphere to meet your preferences. At Green Vista we provide a wide range of lighting options to highlight the water features and hardscape additions for optimum impact. Landscaping in Dubai is an art of feel, and garden lighting is the perfect means of enhancing this. It combines elegance with an understanding of the surroundings to create a year-round sanctuary for relaxation.

Adorn Your Patio

Sit back with your favorite drink in hand as you watch the sun leave the sky. The patio is one of the premier aspects of residential landscaping – and one of the most underrated ones. Being one of the top landscaping companies in UAE, we create unique patio landscaping plans for designing a personalized haven. So select from a vast range of ornamental features to give your outdoor space the enhancement it deserves. Whether it is a large umbrella to beat the Dubai heat, wall décor to set the mood or even a delicate arrangement of plants and shrubs to accentuate the space, every little addition adds to the poignant ethos of the space.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Explore your culinary passions surrounded by the lush resplendence of nature. Cook up a feast in the outdoors, and enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones. Host an unforgettable barbecue for all your close friends, or plan a family soiree in your backyard. The outdoor kitchen counter makes everything a breeze. These hard landscaping features are meant to last the test of time, so we help you create timeless designs that complement your garden layout. With an outdoor kitchen counter, the possibilities are limitless. So create your new family hangout for those cool summer evenings, and the perfect space for a relaxing winter lunch as the counter makes everything more convenient.

Herb Kitchen Delicacies

Everything tastes better when grown at home. So set up an herb patch in your backyard to add your own delightful flavor to every meal. The herb planters can be adorned in numerous ornamental ways to add a splash of opulence to the outdoor space. Frame the herbs with pebbles to define the patch, or grow them in floating planters along the various hardscape features. These would pair perfectly with an outdoor kitchen counter, giving the space an elegant feel while ensuring easy access. But that’s not all. You can also embellish the herb patch with rustic signboards and add delicate lighting for a more traditional approach. After all, when it’s your backyard, herbs aren’t just for flavours. They can set the mood as well!

Gazebos and Pergolas

Step out of the house into the shade of the pergola while the cool flagstone path creates a peaceful ambiance. As one of the leading landscape contractors in Dubai, we understand that landscape architecture is an art of feel. Created keeping the terrain in mind, it combines your personal aesthetic and vision with the space at hand for a backyard that transports you into a reverie. Consequently, we offer a wide range of elements to ensure that the outdoors surpasses your vision. With a variety of hardscape elements such as pergolas, gazebos, and more, we help you create spaces that become sanctuaries. Our team of professional landscaping artists provides innovative outdoor solutions for each of our clients. Consequently, every hardscape element can be customized to complement your backyard. So walk under the shade of a vine-covered pergola, or delight in the coolness of a wooden gazebo. Surrounded by nature, you’re home.

Train Flowers Beyond the Trellis

Breathe in the fresh aroma of the magnolias, and enjoy the delightful fragrance of roses as you step outside. Decorate your backyard with the beauty of natural ornaments. Flowering plants are perfect to adorn the latticed pergolas, or create an entrance encased in greens. Ideal for residential and commercial landscaping, flowers foster an ambiance of productivity and relaxation. As a leading landscaping business in Dubai, we provide innovative designs for a customized outdoors. With delightful blooms decorating the poolside fence and fragranced buds decking the pergola beams, we insist on creative designs to accentuate your outdoors.

Add a Bird Bath

Connect with yourself amid the harmonious chirping of birds. With flashes of color adding vibrancy to the outdoors, a birdbath is a great way to invite the world in. These are available in a variety of designs, from a marbled Victorian-inspired water-fountain to a contemporary granite accessory. The birdbath can also be personalized for a unique touch. Our professional landscaping team works with you to plan designs and create adornments that reflect your aesthetic preferences. Being one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai, we design spaces that actualize your vision. With unique adornments specially adapted to your commercial landscaping or residential landscaping requirements, each feature contributes to setting the mood.

Create a Living Wall

Enjoy resplendence that surrounds you, as you beat the heat behind a verdant veil. Living decorations have become a popular landscape architecture feature. These provide privacy through elegance and design. With plant covered gazebo walls or latticed walls for much-needed solitude, living partitions are an essential outdoor accessory. The lush adornments accentuate the ambiance of the outdoors while cooling the atmosphere. They also work perfectly as a vertical herb garden beside that outdoor kitchen counter! Being one of the top landscaping companies in UAE, at Green Vista, we help you create the ideal wall complete with an assortment of plants that will suit your purpose.

Reflective Pool

Step into the backyard, the resplendent vista mirrored underneath your feet. Reflective pools are available in a variety of customizable designs. Add an oriental appeal with stony pools boasting rough-cut edges, or a European ethos with marbled designs. Pay homage to the Persians with delicate stone inlay or recreate the essence of France with an overflowing edge. Reflecting pools mirror the spaces around, creating a patch of serenity within your yard. They are a popular element of garden landscaping in Dubai, emphasizing your verdant abode. Strategically placed besides intricately designed spaces, they serve to boost the aesthetic impact. However, a pool that contrasts with the landscape design will just as easily affect the appeal. As one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai, we ensure that every adornment serves to augment your environment.

Water Features

Let the soothing sound of gurgles lead you into serenity. Adding a touch of refreshment to the desert heat, discover a rejuvenating retreat just a few steps away. Adorn the outdoors with a small fountain feature, or add a koi pond to watch the animated fish swim around. Discover the relaxation of waters surrounded by the vibrancy of the greens. Being one of the top landscaping companies in UAE, our professional landscaping team helps you select from a wide variety of customizable water features to foster an air or tranquility. In the quietude of nature, let the gurgles of the blue transport you.

Just as no two people are alike, neither are their aesthetics. Being among the best landscaping business in the UAE, we work to understand your personal preferences and create spaces that mirror the same. Our skilled team provides premier landscape design in Dubai with the aim of creating individualized spaces that reflect the preferences of our clients. We do so by working with you to ensure that the designs reflect your vision. Each layout is thoroughly scrutinized for perfection. No detail is too small, and every aspect contributes to creating the complete picture. Being among the leading landscape contractors in Dubai, we understand this. Consequently, our team is trained to ensuring perfection in the minute aspects while keeping the bigger picture in mind.