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Landscaping Designers & Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai, UAE
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Actualizing Imagination, Creating Havens.

Green Vista is amongst the premium swimming pool and landscaping companies providing services across the UAE. With nearly a decade of experience in the field, we have worked for more than 500 satisfied clients, helping them actualize their dreamscape. Green Vista is one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai. With a reputation for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing premium engineering services for every aspect of your outdoors. With customized landscapes and additions, we strive to create unique and environmentally friendly layouts, adding a touch of exclusivity to the view beyond your home.


Our professionally trained team, equipped with specialized skills that pertain to their roles not only understands the various nuances of landscaping and pool design, but also knows how to bring it together for optimum aesthetic and utility appeal. Consequently, at Green Vista we pay attention to every little detail, all while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Mr. Fauzaan Malkani, the founder-director of Green Vista, has laid out our business philosophy. His passion for the profession and insistence on customer satisfaction is at the core of our process.


Each design is crafted keeping the needs and wants of our clients in perspective. With landscapes that complement your homes, every aspect is exclusively crafted just for you, ensuring that we remain one of the top swimming pool and landscaping companies across the UAE. Moreover, every project is required to meet International quality standards while adhering to the rules and regulations of the country. We ensure this through a strong emphasis on skill-development as well as team development, ensuring that every member is updated on the latest advancements in the field. With a background in the terrain and climate of the UAE, we specialize in creating spaces that flourish across the region, giving you a backyard that flourishes all year round.

Values and Principles

With client-satisfaction at the heart of our work, we take you into consideration every step of the way. By ensuring transparency, we work alongside you to understand your vision and perspective. Adding professional inputs, our aim is to build upon your dream for 100% satisfaction.

Just as you are unique, so are your spaces. We believe innovation and ingenuity are at the heart of creating spaces that hold value. By creating one-of-its-kind layouts that resonate with you, we craft unparalleled spaces that combine functionality with aesthetics.

Imbued with history, we bring alive the artistic techniques and rich cultural heritage of the UAE within your landscape. With ornamental and functional additions inspired from across the world, we help create vistas flaunt an Arabic as well as International influence. Keeping the past in mind, we create contemporary designs that mirror your preferences and designing landscaped spaces that transport you.

Our Specializations

With a complete understanding of the terrain and climate across the UAE, Green Vista is one of the top swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai. Our team employs the latest technology and innovations to implement unique landscaping solutions that complement your aesthetic. With innovative hardscaping and softscaping designs as well as customized swimming pool installations, create a haven out of your backyard. Relax in the shade of the gazebo and enjoy a refreshing walk under the pergola. Feel the dew-covered grass under your feet and enjoy a family gathering by the barbecue counter. Combining aesthetic with functionality, each landscape is uniquely designed to complement your home, while the handpicked plants and shrubs foster a verdant expanse throughout the year. With a keen insight in the field, we specialize in all aspects of pool and landscaping solutions. Beginning from consultation, we design the space of your dreams and accompany you beyond execution. At Green Vista, we believe in creating innovative outdoor spaces that speak to you.